Self Isolation

I hear people are struggling with self isolation. Yes it’s going to be tough for many and I worry about the mental health of our nation. I worry about the people who have lost their jobs. Who are feeling desperate.

Welcome to my world. This is how it has been for a large amount of my life. As a disabled person who parents a disabled person we are accustomed to isolation. The only difference is, we did not choose it. It was not due to a directive of our government. It was due to people’s fear of difference.

Since this started I have made an effort to reach out to people to check on them. I started a street pantry. I email and text funny memes to family and friends. Because I know too well how it feels. Being accustomed to isolation does not make things easier for me with the covid19 crisis. My anxiety is creeping up. I’m worried about my parents. I see people assaulting the elderly over toilet paper. This is nuts. We need to be supporting our most vulnerable not attacking them.

So I decided to write some words down in a circle. I’ve been learning about physically stepping into a circle that I visualize in moments of joy. It helps you create an anchor. Something to keep you grounded when facing difficult times.

Please use my words to help you create your own anchor.

Step into the circle

I wish you all well. Please stay at home. Read a book. Play some music. Write a journal. Bake something. Plant something. Write a letter to a loved one and post it. Sing out loud. Dance around. Start a tag you’re it with friends by sending funny or beautiful memes. And tell me if you can think of any other great activities.

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