Dear Paediatrician

Dear Paediatrician

You hold the hopes and dreams of mine and my parents in your words. Choose them carefully.

How well do you know the two year old me or the determined, loving support of my parents.

Dear Paediatrician

Don’t place a ceiling where there should be stars. Measure your predictions with potential rather the unknown.

You do not know what my future holds anymore than your own.

Dear Paediatrician

When you speak about the two year old me, you have no way of determining the seventeen year old me I will become.

Dear Paediatrician

You told my mum I would most likely never talk. Non-verbal people communicate.

You told my mum I would not live independently. I am only two. What two year old lives independently.

Dear Paediatrician

Think about the words you use, then think about them again.

I am a small human. I have abilities that with nurturing and belief from my parents will develop.

Dear Paediatrician

I can hear what you say. I can understand. If you tell me I can’t do something I might believe you. Please stop.

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