The use of technology

I am 50. I have been a full time carer and Mother and out of the paid workforce for seventeen years. A workplace looks very different technology wise than it did when I stopped paid work. We were, back then, marveling at email contact with clients. Pfft!

Out of sheer necessity I have been on a learning curve steeper than Everest. Apps and programs like Whooshka, Audacity, Canva, Square, Zoom and Mematic are now tools I use daily. It’s quite often I use phrases like dropped his Podcast, social media engagement, organic reach and learning all the etiquette of running an online business.

Small business owners these days must be savvy and not just be a jack of all trades but a master of all too. I am always so impressed with the knowledge of my peers and particularly my younger friends who are all over this and share so much with me.

When I first entered the workforce, the business I worked for still used a telex machine while at the same time marveling over the new fax machine which was oh so modern.

New technology and apps are fun and impressive. They give a small business the opportunity to look professional and slick. While I personally am not a fan of curated social media, I do appreciate the planning and prettiness of it. My Instagram page is more fly by the seat of my pants. I like to keep it real. I’ll share a photo of my messy house and the next post will be a photo of me in my glad rags out pretending to be one of the beautiful people. Never ever think I am serious. I am always having a serious jibe at myself and social influencers (another new term).

While I have fun the below photo is me in my natural habitat.

Here (assume a David Attenborough voice) is Laura in her natural habitat. Laura likes a quiet, dark room with a soft warm space to snuggle. In this semi hibernation mode Laura is resting and thriving. Laura is known to read and take clear fluids while here. She will venture out to tend to her young and private toileting needs.

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