Just a parent

I go to a lot of events. Particularly free ones. I am more selective about events that cost money. I am poor. If I think I can learn or network with people with the ability to bring about change, I usually go.

When you meet someone, usually the first question is; where do you work. I proudly and always reply I am just a parent. The usual response is some awkward phrase like oh you are more than that.

You see the events I attend as a parent are events where I am asking that parents are considered stakeholders. More often than not parents are not included by organizations, government and NGO’s. This is something I never understood. We are the walking historian of our children. If an organization is writing policy concerning children – as parents, we are a wonderful untapped source of experience and information.

Identifying myself as just a parent is me declaring to the world I don’t just love my children but I know everything about them. I put their welfare above mine. I strive to be a good role model for them. I actively pursue and bring about changes to our world for my children. I step in to the arena and put my hand up and speak out. I do not complain, I offer constructive feedback and solutions. I defend them when they can’t defend themselves. I empower them. I challenge myself and stretch myself in ways I never would, if not for my children.

Yes I am just a parent.

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