Our Capacity for New

This has been brewing in my brain for days and I’m not sure I’ll put it into words as eloquently as how I feel this.

I remember when I was pregnant with my second child and wondering is there space in my heart for another baby. The love I felt for my first was so hard to describe. So full and large and raw and vulnerable. My Mum was with me when I gave birth to my first. I know I expressed something along the lines of “I now understand a Mother’s love”. I was in awe and wonderment. I know I’m not the only person who of course experiences this but I can only write from my point of view.

I was truly concerned that the love for my first child was so all consuming there was no space in my heart for another. I quickly learned there is no limit to love. Having my second child was as much as a blessing as having my first. If my husband had agreed we would have had at least one more.

Our capacity for love is boundless. The only limit is how you share it in line with your values. I fall in love many times a day in so many ways.

That’s another thing I wonder about. When will you reach capacity for new? I love playing my Spotify playlist. I have about 600 songs and every single song when it’s played is my absolute very favourite in that moment. Ask my kids. They just roll there eyes as they know I say this each time the next song comes on. But, I keep adding to this playlist. I add songs I haven’t heard in years, and also brand new songs. So even though I love 600 songs and consider them all my favourite, I still discover new songs to love as equally as the others.

Capacity for new for me includes books, movies, experiences, people, places, food and this list could continue. No matter how much we love the familiar we find space to love new also.

I am reading a book called Ikigai.

It covers the above and talks about flow. Flow is choosing a meaningful curious life. Partner that with slow living, moderate exercise, moderate eating you’re on a winner for a long and rich life. Clearly some of this I need to work on. But what sparked my interest was that choosing to maintain purpose in your life was an important factor in extending your life.

Bear with me as I meander clumsily through this. I know that in the past eighteen months, I have definitely found purpose and although at times managing the stress has been difficult the payoff is very rewarding.

I have a couple of informal mentors that I bounce ideas off. We brainstorm together and cover everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. These are my favourite moments but it’s not reaching Ikigai. It does however feed my love affair with new. I love new.

Now I just need to work on my follow through.

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