I am all and none of these things

I have been judged for:

  • Being fat
  • Being self-conscious
  • Being sensitive
  • Being assertive
  • Being ambitious
  • Being lazy
  • Being obsessive
  • Being messy
  • Being too smart
  • Being not smart enough
  • Being too feminine
  • Having balls
  • Being an over protective mother
  • Having too much time on my hands
  • Being too open
  • Not making sense
  • Spreading myself too thin
  • Being weird
  • Taking too much on
  • Being too passionate
  • Having no focus
  • Lacking in time management
  • Being too generous
  • Being broke
  • Standing up for myself
  • Standing up for my children
  • Standing up for what I believe in
  • Being direct

Oh my gosh. I’m stopping now. Here’s the thing. I am all of these things. I do all of this and I don’t think it determines my worth or the calibre of my character. Nobody ever says, “Gee Laura you have too much integrity and you’re too kind” I am also these things too. Nobody thinks when making these judgments that this is who I am. Take it or leave it. Get on board or bugger off. I’m turning 50 this year so it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ve lived longer than what my future holds.

I’ll be dammed if I waste anymore of my time worrying about people looking for my faults. Look no more, I’ve handed them to you on a platter. Go to town.

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