Day 9

I forced two hours of boredom on my teenage children yesterday. Why? Because they had to sit through a graduation ceremony. Not just any graduation ceremony but my graduation ceremony.

We pulled them out of school for the day and I knew that it would be torturous, particularly for my son. The thing is though, my kids watched me diligently devote myself to two courses last year. I kept up with the workload. I submitted my work on time and was a model student.

They also know that last year was a landmark year for me. We have lots of conversations around our life and they know full well that I’ve spent a lot of time over the years building a steady foundation to launch from.

Them being in the audience and hearing my name called out and watching the esteemed traditions played out, including a nod to the Dean and then the handshake, receiving the certificate while a photo is taken and then proclaiming my Graduate status by flipping the tassel from the right side of my mortarboard to the left. I feel very fortunate to enjoy this experience and have my children and partner witness it.

I mentioned earlier I’ve worked really hard on a foundation to launch from. I’m still weighing up exactly where I will land. Keeping my options open. I may continue with more study or carve a niche in my area of interest with self employment (not preferred) or taking on a role in a sector I am passionate about. I know the right opportunity will present itself.

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