Day 8

This time last year I never knew:

  • I would write an abstract with no understanding of what an abstract is
  • My abstract would be accepted
  • I would deliver a ten minute speech at a very credible, well attended autism conference
  • I would help my son start and run a successful business
  • I would be invited to join a group for parents and Carer’s
  • I would start and co-found a social enterprise and become a board member
  • I would go to Canberra to listen to my Federal MP deliver a speech about our social enterprise
  • I would complete a Cert IV in Small Business Management
  • I would complete a demanding six month Parent Leadership course which nearly broke me
  • I would meet with influential people to start important conversations and build connections
  • I would speak at a Research conference
  • I would feel listened to
  • I would advocate to key people and make persuasive change
  • I would attend TEDxBrisbane
  • I would be accepted to deliver my one minute pitch at TEDxBrisbane and survive it with glowing reports from fellow attendees
  • Everyday I would feel like giving up and that I did not have what it takes and yet I would get out of bed, plant my feet on the floor and get on with it
  • Self doubt never disappears
  • I would make a couple of new friends who believed in me and supported me to lengths they can’t even begin to understand
  • That my resilience continued to surprise me time and again
  • That I am capable
  • That I have a lot to offer
  • That this year is a new blank page and I dwell in the possibility
  • That I can live with mental illness and still function and achieve

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