Day 6

My lovely daughter visited me yesterday. It was so great to hang with her for a few hours and she stayed and had dinner with me in the dining room. Having grown up visiting me many times in this mental health facility she’s quite comfortable and unphased hanging around people who are sad, mad, lonely and not really so different from any of us.

My girl and I have a great relationship and I feel very blessed. I am a weirdo. I have a left of field sense of humour and she gets me. More than anyone else out there. We have lots of code words and simple little things that we can say and dare not meet each other’s eye for fear of peeing out pants in fits of laughter. I am certain she is destined for weirdness too and I am so very proud. Hopefully she will learn from me how to be resilient and ignore people who don’t get her.

I have a friend who is almost like a younger sister and she lives overseas so we rarely see each other. I love it when we do as she catches me up on all the generational stuff I need to know to embarrass my daughter. The latest is using the statements you’re so basic which means you’re not interesting at all and I’m so extra which of course is outstanding. I am always extra and my daughter constantly rolls her eyes and silently pleads with me not to say these things in front of her friends. She was telling me about what they are learning in science.

Oh lord! I said that just takes things to a whole new level you know that. And she knew exactly what I was talking about. So now we periodically (see what I did there) call each other an element or refer to ourselves as a compound. We of course think we are incredibly clever and belong to an exclusive mother/daughter club that nobody else belongs to. I told her I have to be GOLD au. I know she chose an element but I can’t remember at this stage. I am not familiar with the whole Periodic Table but somehow feel compelled to learn it now for continued loving jesting. I wonder if I can write whole sentences using the Periodic Table. Might need to delve into the rabbit hole of Google to investigate. Looking forward to the challenge.

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