Day 3

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Last year I nearly choked on a whole elephant in one single gulp. Over the years I have heard this statement time and again. It makes sense. It’s also similar to the famous Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” I didn’t take a single step I tried to run a marathon.

I am an all or nothing person. A black and white idealist. I either do things full throttle or not at all. I also get to the point of complete overwhelmingment (not a word but should be). This to me means I have lots of things I want to do but I don’t know where to start. They’re all fairly simple tasks but the sheer volume makes my brain explode. One example: I bought a heap of lever arch files so I could file all the research documents I have been collecting over the year. The topics range from inclusive education to bullying to diagnosing autism in girls and then back to inclusion in the workforce and community. It’s a mountain of articles. I simply have to start at the top. Hole punch each article and file away in the appropriate lever arch file. BUT!!!!! The size of the mountain has me stymied.

I am a Company Secretary and the duties are not that taxing. I am on top of it. I keep minutes and look after correspondence and all the necessary tasks that are required of my role. But the filing of that paperwork again is something I just find difficult to start. I am not a lazy person. I am the complete opposite. I just get easily overwhelmed.

I am very organised. Ask my husband. I am like a Sergeant Major General when preparing and organizing family events and holidays. Nothing is forgotten and nobody is left behind. In fact my level of preparedness does his head in but he always admits to being in awe of my talent in this field.

So I have a few quite large goals set this year. I think they are achievable but I need to go home and sort my office out first. A cluttered space, a cluttered mind and so on. If I can get some semblance of order or even serenity happening in my office you know a Marie Kondoist kind of approach then I think a lot of the other overwhelming things will no longer have me in a state of overwhelmingment. Still should be a word.

I am not going to try and eat an elephant this year. Not even starting with the first bite. I will start small. I will eat a pear or a pecan. I will take little nibbling bites. I will space them out and not indulge.

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