What holds possibilities for you?

You can guarantee I’m always first at an event. I’m nowhere near as bad as I used to be. My poor family had to wait around usually for at least an hour at school concerts, birthday parties, you name it. It was my anxiety of course. I still arrive early it’s just part of my DNA; but I do find it worthwhile also. It means you get a drink without lining up. A well placed seat which with some events I attend are very necessary. It also helps me transition from where I was to what I’m needing to participate in and sometimes also accomplish.

Sitting in an empty room pre-event is both exciting and nerve wracking. Who will be coming. Is it an event that requires participation or is it social and laidback. I have attended many events this year and I’ve learned how valuable networking is. Can’t say I’m good at it. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I have met some amazing people and made invaluable connections. I find being authentic and passionate about my life and interests is very important

When I was younger and impatiently waited on a new CD to arrive in store I felt possibility. What was I going to hear? I would lose sleep wondering sometimes. My very large CD collection is now in a box somewhere in my garage. I’ve carefully curated a playlist on Spotify as that’s how you do it these days.

A blank page! Oh my! The possibility! What arrangement of words would present on this page. A poem? A to do list? A letter? Blank pages still stare at me sometimes but generally it’s a blank screen. But still; possibility.

One of my absolute favourite quotes is “I dwell in possibility” ~ Emily Dickinson. In fact this quote has got me through some incredibly dark times. Being able to remind myself that while I draw breath there is possibility. That I would recover. That my family would be able to love me as a happy Laura rather than a Laura who felt like a burden to her loved ones.

Some other worthy possibilities are an unlicked ice cream, that first smell of rain at dawn, pregnancy, aging, every milestone your child achieves and the promise of their future, a new book, a holiday and sometimes just that first steaming hot cup of tea in the morning.

Look around and dwell in possibility.

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