I’ve been just existing for too long

A great reminder from Oscar Wilde. I’ve written about my fight with my mental health. It’s been a long and difficult battle. For many years I was just existing. I simply didn’t have the strength to do more. And only as recently as a year ago this was still very much the case. In fact I can tell you the exact date that changed. The 9th October 2017. It took my Nan’s death to reignite my essence or my vim and vigor.

Initially I started on a lifestyle change. Eating better and being active. Then I found out I was enjoying myself. I found out people actually liked me. I found out I was interested in making a difference. At first just for my family and then being the idealist I am on a community level and now perhaps even a larger scale.

Let me tell you about the old Laura. She was feisty, fun and very driven. She had lots of friends and was busy living a fairly lovely single life. She had a great job with a matching great income. How I transformed is not important anymore. That I’m returning is very important. My life now will be different to the old Laura. Although I have a great sense of fun and love faffing and frippery. Are they even words? There is so much I have happily deleted from my life.

  • Gossip mags. I can’t believe I read them, believed them and wasted money on them
  • Crap books. Life is short and there are far too many great books out there to persist with a book I loathe
  • Clutter. I’m learning to live a more minimalistic life and this makes me happy. In fact I’m seriously considering doing Project 333.
  • People. I have seriously culled some people from my life. Toxic people. Gossipers. One way friendships you name it. They are gone. I’m quite happy with my own company and the people in my circle make me happy

This has closed doors allowing new doors to open. I’m still in a state of disbelief with 2018 and what our family has achieved particularly me personally. Considering less than a year ago I pretty much woke, ate, dropped kids at school, slept, picked kids up, ate and went to bed. That was seriously my life.

Aside from achieving momentous things already this year let me share with you the exciting things yet to come.

On Thursday I’m speaking at Autism Spectrum Australia’s Autism in Education conference. In September I have an interview being published in a magazine. I’ve also written a guest blog which will be published shortly. Clay will be interviewed for an upcoming podcast. In November Clay and I are off to Sydney for a super special super exciting launch that Clay is playing a pivotal role in. Then my co-founder and I are working hard at continuing to establish our social group What’s Your Superpower. Planning each Friday night, fundraising events and working on our professional development to ensure we meet the needs of our wonderful young members.

I’ve recently completed my Cert IV in Small Business Management and am in the midst of a 20 week course that will arm me with brilliant tools, skills and contacts to help me with ongoing lobbying and advocacy.

That’s not just change it’s a metamorphosis. I almost feel like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of my very sad and unhappy life.

We’ve moved house. ✅

I established my son’s business ✅

I run my son’s business ✅

I’ve been to Canberra for something vitally important ✅

I help around the house ✅

I cook ✅

I just simply can’t believe my life. I keep pinching myself. The old Laura isn’t back. A new Laura is. A Laura that has discovered the things that matter to her and is willing to work hard to bring about change.

I’m writing this as a record for myself. I’m really not at all comfortable with praise. This is something I have to do. This is important. I’m not saying that it is as important as women voting or the introduction of the forty hour week. But inclusion and equity must now be fought for. We can all still do things better.

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