Loving to learn and learning to love

Headed back to the pool today for the second time this winter. I know I’m a light weight, but I loathe the cold. I am so glad I did it. I enjoyed beautiful weather, reconnected with lovely people and had a 45 minute workout. It was very quiet and I had the opportunity for self-reflection. Lately I have been in awe with what I am learning. On so many different levels I am learning. I am learning better people skills and communicating. I am learning techno stuff. I am learning about social media. I am even learning about my marriage. I am also enjoying traditional learning with a course I am doing.

I feel like there will never be enough time now for me to learn. The more I learn the more inquisitive I become. I need to clone myself several times over to really keep up with my interests, goals and dreams.

I am also learning more about myself and I love it so much. This personal growth thing can be painful but it is so worthwhile. The skin I sit in is something I am proud of. Sure, I don’t have a perfect body. Pfft show me someone who does. I forget heaps. I’m bad at keeping in touch with me friends at the moment but believe me I hold them in my heart. My bank account most certainly cannot keep up with my learning either. But that’s also good as I am again learning how to be creative or how to say no. (Never been good at saying no)

This morning for about five minutes I was completely up to date with my texts. It was a proud five minutes. I still have so many emails and private messages to respond to. I am learning to triage my communication demands otherwise I would not accomplish anything ever.

The autistic kids and teens social group I have co-founded is kicking all kinds of goals. It is truly exciting and fulfilling because this isn’t for me. Yes it’s for my son but it’s also for all families with an autistic family member. I am so devoted to this cause. Having the support of my community is so brilliant. I feel like it’s entirely possible to start a new revolution where people will begin to see that autism is very cool. Sure not every autistic person has an outstanding talent but there are so many things I love about every single kid I have met recently. It warms my heart and soul and I walk around in a constant state of gratitude.

So yep this pretty much sums up my state of mind. I am back to being a cup is half full kind of person. In fact I’m a hell let’s just fill it up ourselves. Thank you thorns for having roses.

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