Me first

I am many things, but I have learned I can’t be any of these things unless I’m Laura first. Took 49 years for me to arrive at this realisation. The music I like is for my enjoyment. The clothes I choose are comfortable for me or make me feel good. I wear fragrance I enjoy. I read books that interest me. None of these choices are to impress or influence but for the sheer enjoyment factor.

I feel very lucky to be able to sit in my skin and give myself permission to love myself. I can slowly feel self loathing and self doubt ebb away. Of course I will always question myself. It’s healthy to examine and re-examine your thoughts and actions. I am curious by nature and love learning and challenging myself. You can’t be too kind or too generous either.

I’m kind of hoping and particularly after watching Hannah Gadsby’s “Nanette” that more women will shed their skins and reveal their stories and demand to be heard. This may be the new revolution the world needs.

So nearly a year after starting this blog I now have to change the name. Because I want to love. I want to feel and express and taste and smell. I want to share and give. I want to teach and influence and inspire.

Now can somebody teach me how to change the name of a blog on WordPress. Because I’m still somewhat of a Luddite 🤣

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