My Winter Mojo

It’s the last day of Autumn and I’m currently lying by the pool deciding whether to jump in. It was very easy to talk the talk in Summer. Why yes I’m going to do this year round. Why yes I’ll still be coming at 5.30am everyday. I’ll just buy that $145 Vici jacket so I can get warm post swim. Used it once.

I’m here for an aqua aerobics class. So far nobody else has turned up. I’m making a deal with myself. Get in that freaking pool and workout for 45 minutes and you can have an açaí bowl. I do know the beautiful blue wall all us girls line up on after a session will be nice and warm.

I’ve not walked for about two weeks with being away and then my gut issues returning. You’d think my plantar fucking fasciitis would be in top shape but it’s as bad as it’s ever been also.

How am I going to get my Winter mojo on? I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

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