What a great lesson I learned yesterday

My daughter and I have been away for a few days interstate. We visited a life long friend and her daughter. It was such a lovely trip. After being picked up from the airport I was sitting in the car and thinking about how difficult it was to carry my 12kg of luggage down the stairs off the plane, across the tarmac and then up the stairs into the terminal. I mean, I really struggled. There was puffing and panting and perspiring.

What I couldn’t fathom is that just about seven months ago, I was walking around with an additional 36kg of mass within my skin. How did I do that? Just to go off topic here: life has been a bit stressful lately as we’ve moved house. Pile on a trip to China for my husband 2 days post move and a three day retreat to Noosa 4 days post move for me and it really was very intense. I’d no sooner picked my husband up from the International airport when a couple of days later he’s dropping me back at the domestic airport. So for the past few weeks we’ve been eating a lot of takeaway and I’ve been grabbing food on the go. Mostly I’ve been mindful of my diet but I have not been careful.

I’ve noticed a decline in my gut health (boo) and I’m certain I’ve gained a couple of kilos too. I’m not getting on the scales to confirm this though. So, sitting in the car yesterday and realizing that carting 12kg of luggage was difficult became a great incentive to get back on track with my nutrition and daily exercise. No more dairy is a priority. My tummy issues are painful and embarrassing (plus smelly). I highly doubt I could physically carry 36k down the stairs of a plane, across the tarmac and up the stairs into the terminal. Imagine the stress on my body. My poor heart. No wonder my ankles and knees really ache now. They’ve been doing some very heavy lifting.

Overall I’ve been feeling very motivated and excited about everything going on in my life. I’m volunteering for a startup Not For Profit organisation. I’m working on a project for some community involvement where I live. Oh and I do love where we have moved to. It’s a dear little house just 100m from the Esplanade. This move creates independence for my teenagers and a better lifestyle for our family. I’ve ditched the tired old furniture (well most of it) and replaced with beautiful pieces. Our home though still chaotic with unpacked boxes, is becoming a stylish and simple home for our family.

My son’s business is going very well with many new opportunities presenting themselves. I’m about to move into planning stage for a project for my daughter to help her earn an income while at high school and at the same time gain some professional photographic experience. Then simmering away slowly is my own venture. I’m networking and re-establishing some old contacts. I’ve written my Vision and Mission statement. I’m thinking of re-naming it my manifesto. That requires some more navel gazing though. My family are all very happy. I really am feeling very blessed.

I think another reason life is so extraordinary for me is I’ve found a way to let go of stuff. Stuff I carry around in my head. Stuff I ruminate over. Unhealthy stuff. Stuff that really does not deserve the time and energy I devote to it. I don’t even want to write about it because it does not warrant using up white space over.

This has opened my heart and my mind to abundance. This abundance presents as bombardment of senses. I notice more. I enjoy more. I feel more. I love more. It smells better. Music sounds better. It’s just a whole lot of more really. I am devouring art and noticing simple and stunning things. Yesterday in Sydney we listened to a moving violinist busking on the street. I said to my friend I wish we had that where I lived. And hello world – thanks for delivering. On the way home from the airport we stopped at a local supermarket to pick up some staples and there she was. A busker playing her violin. I could have wept at the absolute synchronicity of asking and receiving.

I’ve always felt the life I’ve lead brought me to where I am today. I also know though I’ve worked hard and experienced tough times too. A gentle reminder from the universe to keep asking to receive was just what I needed.

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