Take nothing for granted!

Today my 16 year old son woke up, had breakfast, got dressed, made lunch and then walked to the train station. He catches the train to TAFE on a Friday. Normal day? Yes, for most!

Behind the scenes, the support and preparation devoted to today happening has been nothing short of mammoth. It included moving house. Yes we moved house so our son can walk to the train station. This step towards autonomy is massive and necessary.

My son is autistic. This day for him is the start of many exciting ‘normal’ days for him. He’s very capable and has been catching the train to TAFE this whole year. Today, though, is the first day he will commute home – TAFE – home completely on his own steam.

It’s taken 16 years of loving and pushing and teetering with over protectiveness. 16 years of a mix of therapies. 16 years of us being a companion public transport traveler with him. There’s so much more and most of it I won’t write about. Why? It’s not my story to tell.

Today I’m sharing this massive milestone because this independence means more independence for me. I don’t have to be waiting at a train station to pick him up. I don’t have to worry about running late. I feel like my life has also stepped into the realms of ‘normality’ too. Not that I choose normal ever. Give me colorful and quirky any day.

My darling son, know that you have never held me back. I’ve joined your adventure and loved every minute. Now we’re stretching our wings together to take off on new adventures. As always I’m incredibly proud of you and your sister.

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