It pays to be nice

Nice guys finish last is something I hear a lot. That may or may not be true.

I can’t road test this theory. I’m not prepared to lower my values. I am nice. I don’t like confrontation. There are times I will speak up but I am always shitting myself. Having an autistic child means these times can be often. If I feel his needs are not being met educationally or on other platforms I will speak up. I don’t whinge though. I will explain myself and present solutions. Always maintaining a polite tone.

My husband is the same. In fact nice me sometimes accuses nice him of being too nice. But that’s between us. We never expect anything for free. We are pretty self sufficient but know there are times we need help. Moving house is one of these times. I’m so lucky my lifelong friend has flown up from Sydney and like a Major General is issuing orders and moving mountains. Other friends are pitching in too. You know who you are. And big thanks 🙏

My parents have offered help. We have accepted gladly but were happy to manage. In life this is how we operate. I think being nice means you can be rewarded with incredible kindness and generosity. In our own way we repay this and pay it forward too. Being nice can be tough with people who are steamrollers but just get out of their path. There’s loads of nice people out there.

I do want to share something that happened on Tuesday. We have just bought a new car. Not brand new,but new for us. Over the years we’ve bought six cars from Scifleet Toyota. My Dad is a valued employee there. After 25 years he is retiring shortly. Without going into details and unbeknownst to us, Scifleet Toyota offered us an incredibly generous deal. I took the call in the middle of a shopping centre, informing me of their generous proposal and citing that they were acknowledging Dad’s dedicated service. I wept. Not quietly but heaving sobs. In the middle of Capalaba Park.

Nice guys don’t finish last because they never finish. Nice guys are strong community members who take care of each other and that never ends. So always be nice, it feels good.

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