It’s not a race, it’s a lifestyle.

I always thought you went on a diet, you lost weight and then returned to your bad habits. Then like a mouse running on a wheel kept this cycle up for the rest of your life. Crazy hey?

It’s taken me 49 years (well 49 next month) to realise I’m actually meant to exercise regularly. I should be responsible for what I eat. That this isn’t a fad. That this is for life. And I’m so proud to sayI’ve successfully maintained and embraced this lifestyle now for six months.

This was quite a revelation for me. I truly thought my life was better if I could do no exercise and eat whatever I wanted. I felt I would be deprived if I could not keep eating. I was only just fast tracking myself to an early death.

I’ve learned that in changing my life, I’m missing nothing. In fact, my life is so much fuller. I’ve made new friends. I’m fitting more in my life. Healthy food is yummy. I’m more energetic. My brain is healthier and is waking up. It’s exciting. I’m discovering my potential. For so long I wrote myself off. I thought being a mother was enough. I have rediscovered ambition.

This ambition is not connected to money, although that would be nice. It’s connected to stepping up my advocating. Betting on myself and pursuing my dream of developing my own consultancy business. Although plagued by self-doubt, I am learning to have faith. My son’s business success and now launching my daughter’s business, plus quietly I’m volunteering and helping a not for profit organisation lay down solid foundations. On the back burner is another dream to write a book with Clay. I will only do this as a collaboration. It’s his story and it needs his words. So by now, I think can agree with myself that I can do this.

If I’m alone and walking or swimming I have this soundtrack or personal anthem. The song itself is more a sad love song but there is a line “This is for life for me”. I have been singing that over and over again for six months. See lyrics below. It’s on YouTube. Luka Bloom is one of my favourite artists. I’ve seen him live at least eight times.

This Is For Life

by Luka Bloom

She met her love

In an English prison cell

He looked so tired

On their wedding day

Visitors hours

So the time flew by

Before they parted

Heard each other say

This is for life for me

This is for life for me

He said

If love walks on beaches

What am I to do

If love talks in soft whispers

What am I to do

Lovers gaze at sunsets

What am I to do

What am I to do

This is for life for me

This is for life for me

She sends soul kisses

To that moonless place

She’s a time keeper

She knows he will come home

She’s a lighthouse

He looks for her in his mind’s eye

Just to hear her say

This is for life for me

This is for life for me

This is for life

This is for life

© 1990 Luka Bloom Music ASCAP

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