Wow! Just wow!

Yesterday I did my normal workout in the council pool at 5.30am. I’m starting to increase my cardio with more sprints and less resistance work.

Then my daughter and I went shopping. I’m not a big fan of shopping. I don’t like trying clothes on. I don’t like big shopping centres and in general I don’t people well.

Most of my shopping is done online. But my husband is headed to Northern China close to North Korea. He said they maybe doing a cruise on the river which is the border between China and North Korea and may well venture into enemy territory. Lordy!

He needs warm clothes. My sprouting teens need winter clothes and I do too. I try to pick up clothes in Op shops as much as possible. Economically, sustainably and bang for your buck means it’s worth the time to hunt for treasure. It’s pretty much the only way my teens get label clothing.

Kathmandu had a brilliant sale. Yay! But I was no longer able to find clothes to fit me in the plus size area. Holy shit! I know lots of exclamation points today. I think I can safely say I now exclusively wear non plus size clothing. Now, again I want to point out the size you wear is not an indication of the person you are. I still have a couple of pairs active wear pants in size 26. Loose but comfy.

My account of my day yesterday is just to mark a very significant milestone in my journey. I haven’t been on the scales for awhile now. Last I knew I was down 36kg. I’m no longer worried about how much I weigh or how much I lose. I just want to feel healthy and maintain my daily exercise and nutrition.

New dress. And yes that pile on the floor has returned and is growing. I really can’t do everything. I’m so focused on my autistic son’s thriving business. He now has a website and an employee. We are getting uniforms next week.

I am so proud of his and my effort. Yesterday we found out our son wasn’t successful with obtaining a school based traineeship. The reasons why weren’t valid considering it was a supported employment/training opportunity. On the eve of autism acceptance month it’s made me more determined than ever to continue to advocate for inclusion and involvement for anyone different. A diverse world is enrichening and joyful. I’ve learned more from my son, more from other cultures and minority groups than I have from any celebrity or social influencer. Until you belong to a minority group (which I don’t – but I’m a witness) you do not understand judging and prejudice but you also receive little and large acts of kindness. Not as often as the negative stuff but enough to realise there are people out there who will always be on your team.

During April if there is any opportunities in your workplace to hire someone remember an autistic person has many skills and talents that can be harnessed. Like all of us there will be things they can’t do as well. That’s because they are human! Human beings are flawed! Nobody born yet has been perfect. Encourage the decision makers at your business to open their minds and hire a neurodiversity (autistic) person. With the right support they will blow you away.

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