Leaving my phone at home

When I head to the pool I take my towel and my foam dumbbells. That is it. Sometimes I workout with a friend, sometimes alone and sometimes I take an aqua aerobics class. Whether I’m alone or in a group I’m totally disconnected from the world.

It’s a great feeling. Having a smart phone offers many benefits and I love my phone. I’m very attached to it in fact. I do everything on my phone. I run my son’s business from my phone. I rarely sit at a computer. But when I wake up and put my togs on and head to the pool my phone stays on my bedside table.

Being connected all the time, even when sleeping leaves you feeling very stressed. If my husband’s phone rings at 3am we no longer fear about loved ones. It’s his work’s security company ringing him because the alarm is disconnected or someone from the 24 hour production area has entered the office without disarming the alarm. My husband of all the management team lives closest so he will drive in and sort it out.

Leaving the phone at home means for an hour I have no idea what’s going on in the world. I don’t have my Facebook feed flooded with MAFS threads. I don’t even watch the show and I know everything about it. I don’t have a clue if someone likes my recent post (let me tell you I don’t care either). It’s very liberating. I’m thinking a family weekend away with no WiFi is very appealing. A couple of nights at Stanthorpe, a wood fire stove, board games and bush walks is something I really want us to do. The kids will gripe but I know they will love it.

Christmas Day Nineteen Seventy Something. Look at our faces. Mum must be taking the photo. No staging of the table to make it Instagram worthy. I mean look at those curtains! There’s a XXXX tallie on the table. A bottle of wine I remember Mum drinking in the 70’s I’m sure her palate would reject now. We were just in the moment. My Nana sitting there in her swimmers. Dad and my Step-Grandfather shirtless. Ah the seventies.

I’m hoping the time my children look fondly back on are the times we are at the beach or with family not trying to accumulate Snapchat Streaks. I just learned about them from my daughter yesterday. She’s upset because I suggested we do a WiFi free weekend soon. She can’t miss a day connecting somehow with her friends on Snapchat. It means she then has to start again. OMFG! I have a Snapchat account but have no idea how to use it. Less inclined now, too. And that really makes me feel very old.

We are definitely doing a WiFi free weekend very soon. Don’t tell my kids.

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