The downside to downsizing

There aren’t many downsides believe me. I feel fantastic. I’m active and confident. My family love seeing me happy and are also happier. My Dad cries with pride whenever he sees me. Well he used to. He’s become desensitized now.

But there are downsides.

New bras. I need new bras. I spent a motza on new bras just before Christmas and they are no longer doing the ahem, heavy lifting so to speak. More $$$$ and I know not really a reason to whine.

No winter clothes. I have zero zilch diddly squat winter clothing that fits me. I got rid of everything that was too big in the midst of summer. Again more $$$$ but fun to replace said clothes, although I’m not a big fan of shopping. Keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplace for bulk sales of winter clothing in size 18, 16 and dare I say it 14.

Sag. These are the pajamas I wore last night. They are going in the bin they are falling down. But the sag I’m talking about is under the arms and the saggy tummy which two pregnancies as well as obesity caused. I will never, no matter how fit and toned I become, rid myself of these. I know I could have plastic surgery but meh. Not interested. All the power to anyone who is thinking of or has had surgery. Good on you. No judgment from me. Personally I’m keeping those sags as a reminder to sustain the new life of healthy eating and daily activity.

My boobs however have become more problematic than ever. Just imagine putting two grapefruit into the toes of stockings and then around your neck. That is the only way I can explain the mass of flesh hanging down to my waist connected by empty skin. I hate the look of it so much but more seriously it’s very painful. I have to sleep in a bra these days to hoist up the girls.

Not quite the image I was trying to explain but that swinging effect is something I suffer from.

I’m headed for corrective surgery for sure. It’s necessary and will ease my pain and discomfort. Eventually I just might be able to wear sexy bra and undies. Who am I kidding? I’m a comfy pair of high waisted Bonds, flat shoes kind of girl.

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