Letters grouped together make a word. Words together make or break

I used to buy a cd just for one song. Recently, I’ve been dwelling in the beauty of Cordrazine and Morcheeba and other artists who’s music make me weep with joy. I gather and collect songs that instil such hope or despair. They feature in many of my playlists on Spotify or turn up when trying to out YouTube my husband with the coolest selection. But rarely do I dig out the CD. We’re contemplating replacing one of our cars with a newer model. I’m painfully aware that this car will not have a CD player. The car we’re trading has our last cassette deck in it. Of course I hover over my box of cassettes like Gollum chanting “my precious”, both home made compilations, and flash store bought ones; and then the ever so painfully and patiently, waiting beside the radio mixed tape one just to record that song you can’t remember the name of. We are most likely the last generation who understands what delayed gratification truly means. When the old Kluger goes I have a box of plastic dreams sitting in a cupboard waiting for me to figure out how to digitise them.

The thing about music is not just the melody or the rhythm but the way the lyrics appeal or resonate into your being. You see I’ve always had a love affair with words. Words strung together can inspire, declare love, declare war, end relationships, wound far worse than any physical assault, bring you to your knees with powerful emotion or just make you laugh til your belly aches. Words are powerful. If you can harness that power you can do anything. That is what I love about words: possibility. I’m an eternal idealist. I have always been an idealist. I always will be an idealist. It drives my husband crazy but he truly admires me because of it. The thing about idealists is we don’t accept this is the way it is because this is the way it’s always been. Why? Why can’t it be better or different? We come up with solutions not problems.

Going old school and listening to your old cd’s or cassettes I can guarantee will put a fire in your belly. Don’t let it burn out. Try being an idealist rather than a realist for a day. Think about the positive changes your voice could make. Collectively, voices have to be heard.

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