I’ve lost my mojo

I am dealing with a health issue at the moment. It’s one only ladies can understand. Far out! If men had a uterus, they’d invent a frigging magical pill to fix anything involving a uterus or ovaries. I spent 8 hours at a hospital yesterday with my Mum. I didn’t want my husband there because he’s got no frigging uterus. My doctor was male. The guy who did my internal and abdominal ultrasound was male. They’ve never experienced a period cramp nor can understand what you mean when you describe it as early labour pain.

Tests were all clear which is fantastic. They sent me home with this magic advice. Wear a maternity pad, maybe it’s menopause. Are you freaking kidding me. I’m day 18 now of the increasingly heaviest period I’ve ever had. I’m very fatigued. I told the doctor I presented to emergency because this is now stopping me from living my life. I couldn’t do the International Women’s Day Fun Run. I need to lie down and sleep. I’ve not been active for three days. This will be my fourth day of inactivity. I’ve not had a break from exercise this long since October and that was about a 20 year break. I can’t go to the pool. I can’t walk because of my foot. I’m actually feeling very sorry for myself.

My husband once said to me “one thing about you, is you never whinge”. I agree I don’t. But as a man even he can’t fully understand how I am feeling. No man can.

I’m the complete opposite of this picture.

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