What a difference a year makes

Yesterday, activity wise, I did very little. Well I still volunteered at parkrun and took my daughter to netball training but other than that nada. I’m dealing with a health issue let’s just call it Women’s business. I even went to a medical centre today to make sure I could do today’s International Women’s Day fun run. Got the green light.

I thought I’d look at this time last year, which I can guarantee I did nothing, to get an idea of how active nothing and complete bone idle nothing compare. I was pleased.

There is more data for yesterday thanks to my Apple Watch. It’s good to know even feeling yuck I can say I’m doing better than a year ago. Sometimes smart phones really are smart.

EDIT: I’m not doing the fun run. I’m not well and seeking further medical advice. Sometimes you have to listen to your body rather than your heart. I don’t mean to be vague but there’s nothing to add until I know further. Big love 💗

This was going to be my costume today. I’ll wear it another time.

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