Winning and Failing

I’m hitting goal after goal with my fitness and nutrition and so happy about that. My multitasking skills however are appalling. Our bedroom looks like the riot squad has been through it. I’m just not on top of some things in my life.

I spend a fair bit of time marketing and managing my son’s small business plus two afternoons a week driving him from one job to the next. I’m increasingly guilty about the time I’m away from my daughter. But I know that my son will have an excellent resume when he graduates. I basically need two of me.

So I’ve dropped the ball with House related stuff. My emails to return are piling up, I have phone calls to make, I have an NDIS application for my son to prepare, I have stuff with Centrelink to sort out because apparently when you turn 16 you are cured of autism. WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME THIS. A FUCKING MIRACLE. I’m feeling overwhelmed. My daily to do list is a recurring and growing list.

I’m not prepared to give up my lifestyle. I do have to figure out a better medium and I do have to put a bomb up my kid’s butts to get them helping more around the house.

If I don’t reply to a text or answer my phone I will get back to you. I spend less time on social media. I probably watch one hour of tv a week. I even gave up The Bold; that’s how dire and time poor I am.

I’ll figure it out. I’ve fought for my mental health and won. I can do this.

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