Simple Joy

Over the course of writing this blog I’ve received amazing encouragement and also pleasingly friends telling me they are now motivated to start their own journey. So awesome!

But what brought me the most joy was our daughter joining my husband and I for Pilates last night. As any parent, I’m so proud of both my kids and having her join us in something we love was simply a moment of joy. She loved it and will be coming weekly.

Last week she had a meet and greet for netball. They are playing cadets division this year. Their coach, who is amazing, said this is a whole new level and she expected the girls to work on their fitness. My daughter is in awe of her coach. She went running with her Dad on Wednesday night and managed to hold her own for 5km.

I call my daughter The Big Leech. She leeches stuff off me. It truly is a term of endearment as I’d give up anything for her. I love that as I’ve changed my diet, she’s become interested in what she eats. I’m so happy I’m now a great role model for her. Next goal is to get my son on board.

Photo to the left was taken 11/11/17. I was about three weeks into my health and fitness journey. I’d lost weight and was really proud. That’s my beautiful Mum in the red dress. The photo to the right was taken yesterday. Same shirt. These images are great. It’s progress and a reminder that although you feel the scales are slow to register your weight loss you have evidence to show you’ve lost cm’s.

It’s 3.24am. It’s pouring rain and yes I’m going to the pool. Good practice for winter.

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