My now not so new life has slipped into routine. I get up at 5am everyday. I go to the pool. I work hard. I do at least another four additional aqua aerobics classics each week. I do Pilates. I’m also just incidentally more active.

My nutrition, while not as militant as I first was, is nutritional and predominantly fresh. I have the occasional treat and slip some Vodka, lime and soda in now and again. I keep learning and my fridge is stocked with an abundance of wonderful, healthy and yummy choices.

Very early start today so I prepared my food last night.

I’m going to ease back on my blogging. It’s a bit monotonous and boring for me to write the same stuff so must be yawningly boring to read. I’ll check in and post exciting achievements. I promise to myself that I’ve got this. I’m loving everything I do and can’t foresee any slide back into unhealthy habits. My one wish is that my plantar fasciitis would heal. I signed up to do the chicks in pink fun run to raise money for breast cancer. I know I shouldn’t do it but I’ve got two healthy boobies and a mostly able body. One day that might change or maybe but hopefully never my daughter or son could be diagnosed. I’m going to get tarted up and I’m walking by myself but I intend on having fun.

My new routine is now not so new. I have habits I never dreamed of a year ago. This is how I live now.

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