My beautiful girl

Autism doesn’t just impact Clay but also since she was born it has impacted Ally. She has been dragged to hundreds of appointments. Seen us prioritise our finances to cover Clay’s therapies. Missed out on stuff because we’re broke. She’s missed out on going places or leaving places because Clay needed to and always with grace and wisdom for one so young. Well the tides have turned. Two years ago Ally was accepted into a young carer’s program and started getting support, both financial and peer support. She is such a wonderful sister and carer to Clay. We are so grateful.

Part of that has included a weekly maths tutor and this year she began ukulele lessons. She now can play three songs, including an Ed Sheeran song. I have requested she learn a Powderfinger song haha. Driving to her lesson each week we have a sing along. I don’t get enough quality time with her so I greedily snatch what I can. I surprised her with news that her and I are heading to Sydney in May for three days. I’m really looking forward to it.

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