I’m seriously hungover

It hurts to type. I’ve drunk the Wivenhoe dam dry this morning. Yesterday was amazing. My son had his 16th birthday party.

Here he is with his cousin. It started at home. Last year I put the word out on Facebook to try and get Craig Lowndes or Jamie Whincup to his party. Well Lara, Craig’s wife got in touch with me and organised a personal video. Clay saw that yesterday and was overwhelmed. I bawled my eyes out at his reaction. He then opened a parcel from Redbull Racing F1 and received a signed Daniel Ricciardo cap with a certificate of authenticity. Thanks Kyle for organising that. Then a mega cool muscle car turned up. Kindly driven by a mate of my husband’s.

This is my husband and son. So Clay and his cousin got a lift to his party in this cool ride. He had a great party. Another big shout out to Megsy the best cake artist ever. Clay loved the cake. It was amazing.

Then I played cards with dear old friends. We met in our early teens playing netball. I love them so much. We give each other shit. In fact I wouldn’t take that from anyone else but from them it’s funny and you gotta give as good as you get. We get together as often as we can. We’re all busy and it’s not often enough. So today I am suffering. Deservedly so. I’m a cheap drunk and was the first to leave. I’m not sure if I was responsible for my daughter or she was responsible for me. 🤣

We say we’re playing cards, but, we talk and laugh and hang shit on each other more than we play cards.

I did no exercise yesterday. I didn’t eat lollies at the party though. 👏 To everyone involved in making my son’s day amazing I give a big thank you. To my mates, you’re all sexy moles and I love youse heaps.

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