Guess who’s back

Back again, plantar’s back, tell a friend. I stood for three hours on my feet last night. I’m now in agony with the plantar fasciitis. As I typed this I paused for a minute weighing up the options of say fucking plantar fasciitis and decided against it.

I’m over my left foot. I just want it to be better. I feel so limited. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

Did a decent weight resistant session in the pool by myself yesterday. But I’ll be in the water tomorrow swimming rather than doing parkwalk as I like to accurately call it.

Last night I also did the lolly bags for my son’s party. This was left over and I want it so bad. I can’t open it. Why are Chupa Chups so hard to open. I had a theory when my kids were small that wine makers made them to drive mothers to drink. You always buy them at the checkout to appease whining kids and then walk to car with wonky trolley trying to open them with your teeth and maintain a semblance of grace as your monsters throw a massive tanty. Well I’m doing that now. Cap off my night. Spent a couple of hours at emergency with my daughter. They were very busy and we left before they called us. She had a cyst cut out three weeks ago and the wound has reopened. They gave us some steri-strips and a waterproof dressing to get us through to Monday.

Adios. Have a great weekend.

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