Some major transformations

Did a bit of retail therapy yesterday. This was after a nearly 4km brisk walk and then an aqua session. My nutrition is great. I have increased how much I eat and been somewhat more relaxed too. I continue to shrink ever so slowly and always feel so well.

Myers was having a 50% off the already reduced price sale. I picked up a pair of size 18 jeans. Very impressed about that. In fact I felt I could have gone a size smaller but come December we will be holidaying in the Northern Hemisphere and I may need to wear thermals under them. I thought, up there for thinking.

I also bought a Bonds tee. It is legit standard sizing. Not plus size!! Yes a tiny bit snug but won’t be for long. I love what it says. Be fast or be last. I can guarantee you I’m not fast. But I still get there.

And I’d like to say thank you world for starting my day with such splendour. I love where I live. I love all the memories. The closeness of my parents. Taking my kids places I went as a child. I love it.

Apart from parkrun (parkwalk) and deep aqua on Sunday I’m not locked in with exercise plans for the next three days. I have to finalise all the last minute things for my son’s 16th birthday Saturday arvo. I’m volunteering for my daughter’s netball club late Friday arvo for as long as they need me. Late Saturday it’s cards with my netball buddies. We’ve been doing this nearly our whole lives and the longer we play the more drink, the more shit we talk, the less cards we play and the closer we come to peeing our pants with laughter.

Sunday may well be a day of recovery. Then I’m decluttering in preparation for a huge stall at a Trash and Treasure morning the following Saturday. All while exercising, taking my son to all his bin cleaning jobs, my daughter to ukulele lessons and trying to find time for my husband. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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