I love this website. If you type in the weight you’ve lost it will give you a fun comparison of maybe how many roses that is. Today I got this.

I love it. So fun. Did two aqua sessions today. I’m really loving aqua aerobics. It’s a very hard work out if you put everything into it. I’m starting to notice muscle toning and definition. I’ve still got a wheelbarrow load of cellulite to shift but I’m a work in progress. It’s been nearly five months of consistent healthy diet and an active life. I feel less like a fake and more and more that I’ve got this. That this is the way I will carry on living and I love it.

My body is stronger. I am more flexible. I can touch the flood without bending my knees. I enjoy wearing nice clothes rather than black leggings and oversized tops. I’ve done nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve made time and kept at it. I’ve put myself first but am settling back into a happy routine with my family and maintaining my active lifestyle. I’m happy to throw something together when my husband is out which is yummy and took two minutes preparation.

And as Danii Minogue would sing (showing my age here)

This is it

Oh This time I know it’s the real thing

I can’t explain what I’m feeling

I’m lost for words

I’m in a daze

Stunned and amazed

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