Mental and emotional obstacles

I’m pretty tough. Physically I can deal with pain and push through it. Mental and emotional obstacles are like a hot knife through butter. They go right through me.

Yesterday I jumped on a rowing machine for the first time. 2km in 14 minutes. I also did a weight and cardio training session at the pool in the afternoon.

I had to deal with some shitty things going on. My husband says why do I put myself through it. My reply: I’m not a door mat and I have strong principles and values and you take on my family, you take on me. So I dealt with these issues. Of course it upsets me. Last night I had a vodka, strapped my sexy boot on and put myself to bed.

Of course I got no sleep and feel like a basket case now. Goal for today was a 5.30am walk with my buddy, aqua at 10.30 and again at 6pm. For the safety of the world ie so I don’t murder someone; I’ve pulled the pin on my walk, will try and get some sleep and definitely do both aqua sessions.

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