Giving myself a beating

Yesterday I did two one hour workouts. Combining swimming, weight resistance training and an aqua class. And all I can do is feel bad about gorging on my first chocolate in ages. I had a crap day. I’m still feeling the effects of a cold. My kids were fighting. My husband was cranky and things just weren’t coming up roses.

I got home from aqua at 7pm and my daughter’s maths tutor was there. It’s weird to have a stranger in your home. You have to be passively aggressively polite to each other. Haha. I just love a big get it off your chest fight with a kiss and make up happy ending to clear the air.

I decided to give my feet a treat.

This is called loving yourself. Yes I love my kids and husband but we lead busy lives and forget sometimes to be kind. I’m just as guilty. I regret the chocolate. But, at least my feet will be silky smooth.

BIG FAT HAIRY NEWS: The scales say I’ve lost 34kg now!!!!!

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