Everyday People

Since I started this new life I’ve met some lovely people. Some have incredible stories of overcoming adversity and living with challenges. Others are elite athletes who are willing to offer not just support and encouragement but advice also. I’m like a sponge I take it all in.

Yesterday I hit the pool at opening time ready for a long haul of laps. I just couldn’t do it. I’m still dealing with my cold. It’s at that cough stage and I was not able to breathe. I did 30 laps and then about forty minutes of weights and aqua running.

Then met up with Shanon from the Facebook page The Plus Size Parkrunner. You should check out her page. She’s a breath of fresh and so funny. I must confess I had a fangurl moment then we had a laugh and got in the pool for a deep aqua class. That is a fantastic workout and I’m going to really try and get there every Sunday. I even restricted my vodka intake on Saturday night to guarantee I’d make it. I know right?

I’m a tired old thing and am about to close my eyes in 3 2 zzzzz

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