No oversized coffin for me

When I started this new phase of my life I wrote about the sad fact that I had accepted I was headed for an early grave. You never can predict the future, but the life I’m living now is beyond my wildest dreams. I went shopping yesterday and wore a dress. I used to wear bike pants under dresses, because of chafing. Yesterday, I walked around Carindale (sans bike pants) for several hours and not one bit of chafing.

My husband and I talk about our planned activity and the nutritious food we want to eat. I’ll ring him and say ” won’t be home when you get home, taking a class”. I am mixing up my exercise to make it fun. Walking, swimming, aqua and Pilates. I own a good collection of exercise equipment and my activewear is getting looser. I still keep asking is this really happening? Oh and finally weighed myself and 33kg no longer burdening my heart, lungs and joints.

Three parkruns under my belt. So happy with time improvement. My heel is tender but I’ll keep doing stretches and icing my foot and aim for another walk on Wednesday. I’m going to go back for another round of dry needling too.

My spunky husband joined me this morning for his first parkrun. He was on fire. 34 minutes!!! Loved seeing him run past me and having a perve. He walked the last leg with me. Such an awesome dude. But what a show off hey? 34 minutes for his first parkrun at nearly 53.

And finally, moi! Kept a brisk pace. Walked in light rain. The temperature was a perfect 20 degrees. Back to the pool Sunday. I’ve got to get back to swimming 1500m

2 thoughts on “No oversized coffin for me

  1. My first Parkrun and really surprised as how the other participants around you, just by their presence, can keep you going when you start to feel its too big a task. Great blog Laura!

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