Goals! Yahoo!

At the beginning of the year I bought a pair of Speedos. I couldn’t get them over my butt. Yesterday I swam in them.

I’ve been doing Pilates for over two months. I even do it at home. Today I planked on my hands and feet. I can’t last a minute yet. But I will.

These are examples of what you can achieve if you work hard everyday. I love pushing my body. I love feeling the way I move now. I love talking about exercise. I know “yawn”. I look for new ways to be active. I love how happy I feel. Apart from this cold I’m fending off at the moment. So, if you’re considering starting. Go for it. Set small and achievable goals. You feel good when you meet these goals. When you’re comfortable extend your goals by distance and/or pace. Do it slowly. Just keep doing it. It’s hard. I still sometimes find it hard, but the feeling of euphoria when you’ve accomplished your goal is incredible. So Nike on and do it!

2 thoughts on “Goals! Yahoo!

  1. You’re looking really good Laura, I’m so impressed with your motivation, it spurs me on! I feel so much better too from exercise, it’s been 2.5 years now and I’ve still got the motivation to be active. I’ve noticed lots of positive changes including my strength such as when shopping and lifting luggage and walking up a hill without too much effort. Keep writing here as I love reading your posts xx

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    1. Hey Jackie yes all those incidental things you don’t realise. Like bending over to pick something up or squeezing out of your car when someone parks close. Thanks for your continued encouragement it means a lot x


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