Let me tell you, the same sore throat at 5am feels a whole lot worse than 10am. As I mentioned, I didn’t swim yesterday when my alarm went off at 5am. I felt crook. After I dropped the kids at school I had a power nap. I decided I’d go to the morning aqua class. So glad I did.

Let me paint a picture for you. I get to the pool wearing my trusty Millers togs. Drop my gear, take shoes off and then do the walk of fire and brimstone. No kidding it was hot. I stepped into the soothing, refreshing lake of calm. Oh ok, Manly Pool. It was like soup. I was surrounded with women who know my Mum. Gee you look like your Mum. Compliment, she’s gorgeous. But I’m the youngest there by twenty years.

It was a fun class. I worked really hard. I still have a sore throat. I did aqua again last night too. Hopefully, Thursday will see me feeling 5am better not 10am better.

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