A test of willpower

I was left unsupervised all day with ⬇️

away for the weekend and this appears in our fridge. I was strong. On the weekend I did not at all stick to my eating plan. Yes, I could have at times, been more diligent, but I wasn't. I felt a bit sick by Sunday afternoon but I got home and back into routine immediately.

The big difference is, that in the past, if I fell off the wagon, well that was it. My attempt at dieting or losing weight was a failure and I gave up. Now, I'm not on a diet. I eat better. I eat fresh food and smaller portions. If I have a weekend where I'm more relaxed about what I eat, it's not the end of the world. I haven't failed, I've just swerved a bit. There's no wagon to fall off. I didn't go overboard, but it wasn't ideal either.

I didn't mention, but I saw The Foo Fighters with two friends. We all have autistic sons. My son is the youngest and, yes while challenged, is capable of an independent life. My friend's' son's, fall elsewhere on the spectrum. That's not my story to tell. We are there for each other and we can relate and have a laugh.

is is us. We rocked our hearts out to the Fooeys. We, for a few hours, were rock chicks. We weren't Mums. We didn't have to make plans, fill out forms, keep a calendar updated, buy certain foods, worry, stress or research. We all love our boys. They are our world, as is my daughter, but it's great to claim your own identity sometimes. I am more than just a mum to an autistic child. First weekend away for about ten years. Loved it. Loved coming home.

Oh, I also had the best aqua aerobics class ever last night. It's hilarious, after every class we all clap. I find it very amusing. So today after I finished Pilates in my lounge room, I clapped. Haha. I love life.

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