Welcome home

So yesterday afternoon I said goodbye to Sydney.

I was first to disembark thanks to Business Class. I walked into the terminal to be joyously greeted by my loving husband and kids all dressed in their church best. They were weighed down with flowers and champagne. It was like a Hollywood movie. The air conditioning gently blew my hair from my face while my tanned toned legs ran me to the open arms of my family. Then I woke up in economy with drool, walked down the stairs, across the tarmac, up the stairs, through the full length of the terminal, crossed three roads to stand waiting for my husband to pull up, let me load my own suitcase and jump in our 12 year old Camry. I did get a kiss 💋 and seriously the welcome at home from my kids was lovely. My son had even washed my car. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Back into routine tomorrow and looking forward to it.

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