I want my own yellow line in the pool

You know the one you see on tv when swimmers are closing in on a world record time? Well I think the person who invents something you can clip on your swimming cap to project your previous pb so you can chase it down. I asked my husband and he said are you nuts. Haha

I’m asking because yesterday, my third time swimming 1500m I took 3.69 minutes off my time. I was in the zone. It was a great swim. I didn’t pause to catch my breath. So Katie Ledecky the current world record holder at 15:29:48 has nothing to worry about.

I can look at my watch but that chews up valuable seconds or someone can invent the yellow line projecting your best time. I should get a commission if it’s ever invented. Just remember I said it first.

Thursday night means Pilates date night with my husband. And have I practiced my table top? Of course not!

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