Loving Life

I’m so happy with my life. I feel like all the hard work is really showing results. My kids are settled into Year 9 and Year 11. They are practically independent. My son’s part time business is a huge success and I found somewhere for my daughter to do Ukulele lessons. My husband has been on holidays this week and it’s been awesome to hang with him.

I swam yesterday and did aqua aerobics last night. I’m smashing the goals on my Apple Watch. Yahoo. You know sometimes it’s the little things that really motivate you. I’ve been wearing my trusty Millers togs everyday since I got them. Thinking it was before Christmas? Loved them so much I bought the next size down. Well last night I wore the next size down. So, I just bought the next next size down on eBay. They are great to swim in. They hold the girls in place better than anything I’ve swum in lately.

Three sleeps until I fly to Sydney to see The Foo Fighters. My friend is picking me up from the airport and at my request is kindly taking me to the ocean pool at Bondi so I can get some laps in before I shout her out for lunch somewhere healthy and of course in Bondi. Last time I was in Bondi I saw Tex Perkins. Please if I am going to see someone famous let it be Dave Grohl.

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