Dogged Determination

I said when I broke 40 minutes swimming 50 laps I’d start swimming 60 laps. I planned to increase my distance incrementally. Yesterday I thought ok I’ll swim an extra two laps. Suddenly I found myself swimming an extra four and then I thought well six more laps and I’ve swum 60. Thats 1500m! I’ve never swum that far in my life. The last ten laps were pretty slow and sloppy. I was very tired. My time was about 50 minutes. Now I have to increase my pace.

Yesterday my little family went to Southbank for a Segway tour. I got on. It’s tough to master. You have to keep upright, knees locked straight and lean forward. I did it for about five minutes and was going fast. I could turn and I could stop, I just couldn’t figure out how to get off. It wasn’t graceful. Haha! Anyway, I find standing stationary excruciatingly painful with my plantar fasciitis, so I wasn’t able to do the tour. But my husband and kids went off with the tour guide. As my husband was learning I started to say something to me and he snapped back at me “don’t talk to me”. The look of concentration on his face. It was hilarious. Of course my son took to it like a fish to water. My daughter not far behind him. It was a beautiful afternoon and I happily sat near the Brisbane River enjoying some people watching while I waited for them.

Five minutes of fame.

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