Cranking it up a notch

Saturday I did the Pilates class at the gym. I really noticed the improvement in my strength and I worked hard. Sunday as soon as I woke and my feet hit the floor I felt so sore. Every muscle was aching. I was pretty proud of myself actually. It was validation of how hard I worked.

Bought these yesterday to add to my growing collection of fitness tools. While I was at Kmart I bought a $7 bra. I’ve always had to go to a specialty store for me bras and get little change from $100 per bra. I thought I’d try this bra on at home. I did and bugger me it fit. Now it’s not a bra to wear while exercising but it’ll do for everything else. So excited.

Yesterday I also did a deep aqua class. Wowee that is one awesome workout. My friend and I then jumped in the 50m pool. I did two lengths while she did four. I really do need to do more swimming in a 50m pool. Completely different to a 25m pool.

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