The Ring 3

Haha I don’t know whether my Apple Watch is my best friend or a horror movie. It certainly has some power over me.

This what my watch looks like first thing in the morning. The red ring is kilojoules burned whilst active. The green ring is amount of minutes I’ve exercised and the blue ring is the amount of times I’ve stood for one minute for each hour. My watch will remind me if I’ve sat on my butt for too long. I get a notification to stand up. The kids laugh at me because apart from when I’m driving I do it no matter where I am. To my daughter’s horror I did it in the doctor’s surgery. I hit the target on the blue ring everyday.

I also hit the target on the exercise or green ring everyday as well. That’s great. It means I am easily exercising for thirty minutes daily. The blue and green rings can’t be changed. They are fixed goals. The red ring being burned kilojoules can be changed. I initially with prompting during setting up my watch had it set at a lower target. But I was reaching that goal very easily and so my watch suggested changing the target. I said yes. So now my red ring or kilojoules to burn is 3900 kilojoules.

Most days I reach that target by mid afternoon. Yesterday despite going to the pool and helping my son do four bin cleans, I was about 900 kilojoules short. Now I’m a bit of a competitive git so I ignored my podiatrists advice and went for a gentle stroll outside my house. Burned 400 odd kJ and had to stop as my foot was aching. I was also incredibly tired. So I sat on the edge of my bed and did an arm aerobics session. My daughter joined me. We laughed and made up names for the different exercises we did. It took a bit, I burned up a sweat and my arms were aching but I bloody did it. So happy. The below photo is the reward I get for closing the rings.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Lastly, a friend advertised a ticket for The Foo Fighters concert in Sydney next weekend. I said hell yeah. So next thing my airfares are booked and I’m heading to Sydney for a brief overnight trip. I asked my friend could we go to a pool haha. How my life has changed.

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