I’ve been a little down lately because the scales aren’t moving. I’m working my arse off and at least four times a week doing Zumba, Pilates or Aqua aerobics as well as swimming laps daily. I’m almost militant with my eating. I was thinking maybe I should see if I’m menopausal. I am 48 afterall.

Yesterday I took my son to do a practice run to TAFE and to find his room and discuss the support they provide. Wow can I just say they really seem to have it sorted.

So I’m getting dressed. I put my shorts on and thought oh no these are tighter. Anyway it then occurred to me that these are the shorts I couldn’t get over my thighs three weeks ago. I’ve gotten smaller just not showing on the scales. And even more fantastic the shorts that are now too big for me was in a bundle of smaller sizes lent to me by my Mum. WINNING!!!! I bought some clothes from a friend on Tuesday and one of the dresses is a size 16. Fark. Ok it’s a generous cut but I’m taking it.

Yesterday I did a solid hour of resistance training with dumbbells. In the water that is. I mixed it up with some running also. I really enjoyed that. I also went to Aqua Aerobics again. It’s fun. Yes you work up a sweat and yes I’m very uncoordinated but it’s fun and there’s music.

This is my lovely son outside the TAFE block he’ll be attending. I’m so proud of him.

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