IGA has the best range of ice cream flavours

Ducked in to my local IGA last night. I had to walk past about 4 metres of ice creams to get to my dairy free yoghurt. Yes I know I live a dangerous life. Then I got excited about a new flavour in the dairy free yoghurt range. I know still leading a dangerous life.

Last week I was there buying seaweed snacks and Carmen’s crackers which are exorbitant but so very yummy.

It pays to shop at smaller chains as they offer things I’ve not seen in Coles or Woolies. I was super pleased to introduce my Mum to these very healthy and surprisingly yummy snacks.

Walking past all the different ice creams on offer is a very easy task. I even stop and look at what’s new. I’m not yearning or feeling I’m missing out. I think I’ve become accustomed to my not so new improvement in diet. I’m not dieting I’m eating a well balanced easy to sustain eating plan. It’s exciting when I find something new I will eat.

Found a vegan cafe near me. I know still very dangerous lifestyle. I had a taco bowl sans corn chips.

That’s walnut mince and cashew cheese by the way. Sooooo dangerous. When I order meals I generally go with a salad and immediately say no cheese no dressing. I work hard and intend to nourish my body and if that makes it difficult for me to eat out, I’m totally fine with that. No compromises, no excuses.

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