Wow what a day. Did 50 laps. Just need to shave a further 39 seconds off my goal time and then I’ll start increasing distance. Took my son out to clean bins for his part time job. Let me tell you unwinding, untangling and winding hoses is fabulous exercise. Maybe I’ll do personal training in hose winding haha. Then, because I wasn’t tired enough I went to Aqua Zumba.

The council runs this free every Wednesday in the wading pool. It was my first time. I was worried about keeping up. I was worried about getting chafed between my thighs. Well firstly I didn’t get chafed. Big Yay. And secondly I kept up. The class was an hour and I built up a sweat. I also discovered I am very uncoordinated. But I was moving to great music and it was fun.

The instructor played Nut Bush City Limits and everyone bar me did the moves. I was not going to risk hurting my heel more so I just moved at a level I was comfortable with.

Definitely be going back. Another form of exercise to add to my bag of tricks.

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