Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Where I swim there are many triathletes who also swim. I’m in awe of them and perhaps a little intimidated. But the thing is every single one I’ve met is lovely and very happy to share their knowledge. NOTE: I am not training to be a triathlete. One guy today had just finished squad and we’ve chatted many times. My walking buddy introduced us. He offered to take a look at me swim and then gave some great advice.

I’ve been reluctant to ask questions mainly because I’m worried they will think I’m wasting their time. But then it occurred to me, they were once a beginner too. NOTE: still not interested in training for triathlons.

Maybe, they remember this and maybe they had a mentor and they want to see newbies like me succeed. I’ve had such positive experiences at the pool. I like sharing my lane with this one lady R who swims a similar pace to me. I’ve shared lanes with 3 and once 4 swimmers. I try to not hold faster swimmers up and will stop at the end of a lane to let them pass. But get this: on the weekend I overtook someone several times. Go me! Oh okay she was doing breastroke but I’m happy that I’m learning these new things. I’m one minute and twenty seconds off cracking 40 minutes. Once I do this I’m adding another ten laps to my swim.

So if you are starting don’t be afraid to chat to people about advice and what they do. They are nice.

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